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Emergency Electrical Services in Roxbury Township

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Electricity isn’t typically something you think about on a daily basis – that is, until the power goes out. Whether a big storm blew through and knocked out your power or if your lights suddenly started flickering before going out, it’s important to know who to call to fix the problem and check to make sure there aren’t any lingering issues. At Comfort Specialists, our expert electricians are ready to help you get your home’s electricity back up and running as soon as possible, and we’re available to help 24/7.

Call (973) 250-4969 at any time for all your emergency electrical needs in Roxbury Township!

While you wait for an electrician to show up, it’s vital that you take steps to keep you and your home safe while the power is out. Do not, under any circumstances, start rooting around your home’s wiring by yourself. This is extremely dangerous, and can create additional problems that may need to be fixed. Instead, follow these steps to make sure you’ve done everything you can to stay safe and be prepared:

  • Make Sure Everyone is Safe: If you have a family member who might be uncomfortable or in danger because they can’t see, get to them and help them first.
  • Check for Other Homes Experiencing a Power Outage in Your Area: Look out the windows and see if any other house on the street has power. This will help you narrow down the source of the outage. If the other houses on the street are dark then the power has gone off throughout your neighborhood (be aware that some houses, such as those on the other side of the street, maybe on a different line and might not be connected to the same grid as you are). If no other houses on the street are dark, then the power has gone off in your house alone.
  • Get Flashlights or Use the Flashlight Function on Your Phone: Flashlights will help you get around the house safely without banging into furniture or knocking over that priceless antique. Be wary of how much you rely on these, though, because if the power is out for a while, you might not be able to recharge your phone battery!
  • Make Sure to Turn Off All Electronics: Go around the house and turn off the electronics (especially sensitive electronics) that were on when the power went off like televisions, stereos, computers, etc. That way when the power comes back on, you won’t get a huge surprise when those things suddenly turn back on. And even consider unplugging them in case of a power surge.
  • Start-Up Your Home Backup Generator: If you need power, start up your generator (if you do not already have a whole-home generator that automatically turns on). If you don’t need power right away, consider waiting. Consider running your generator periodically but turning it off when not critical. This will save fuel. Never ever run your generator in an enclosed building, such as a house, garage, or shed. The exhaust fumes can be deadly.
  • Consider Your Refrigeration Needs: Depending on how long your power will be out for, you may need to decide on the food in your fridge and freezer. As long as you keep the fridge or freezer door shut, and if it’s not too hot outside, then most of your food will likely remain safe for a couple of days (which is usually long enough for many power companies to get the electricity back on).

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Whenever you experience electrical issues, it’s important to call in a professional. Comfort Specialists provides top-quality, professional electrical services from generators or lighting services to wiring updates and replacements. To find out more about how we can help, give us a call at(973) 250-4969 today.

You don’t need to wait for an emergency to call in an electrician – call Comfort Specialists today!

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