The Homeowner's Guide to Extending the Life of an Air Conditioner

Having air conditioning units installed is a necessity that most homeowners can’t live without, especially for those experiencing the effects of hot summer days and humid afternoons. It’s also important to keep your AC in good working condition to provide the benefits that can last you for more extended periods.

You will require an AC unit that performs well, providing you with cool temperatures to keep you comfortable in the midst of the blaring heat outside your home. For that alone, you will need the help of air conditioning services in Morris County, NJ, to extend the lifespan of your unit. While its maintenance may be the last thing on your mind, you might find yourself regretting it if it breaks down prematurely—costing you tons in repairs costs and lost comfort just to get it back in working condition.

If you want to learn how to properly take care of your air conditioner to keep you and your family comfortable, keep reading below.

Cleaning the Outdoor Condenser Unit

A condenser unit is the large box-typed machine that is commonly situated outside your house or, in some cases, on your roof. For homes with condenser units in hard to reach places, it’s crucial to call an AC repair in Morris County, NJ, to handle the maintenance and steer you away from unwanted incidents.

The condenser unit serves as a heat pump that sucks the warm air coming from inside your home and diverts it outside to keep you comfortable. To start cleaning it, you must first ensure that the unit is not being used. While it’s turned off, you can start removing any form of debris found on its exterior. You can then take out its cover grill to thoroughly clean the unit’s interior, followed by using a coil fin tool to straighten any fins on the coils that ended up curving.

Checking the Condensate Drain Lines

Your AC unit has condensate drain lines beside its fan, which works by accumulating water in the system, steering it away from your unit so it won’t be affected by the moisture. There are two drainpipe lines in most average systems. One can be found inside the compressor housing, while the other one is used to successfully drain the system if the first one is blocked.

You can check your condensate drain lines by investigating them for any possible constrictions and obstructions. It’s essential to make sure there aren’t any algae, molds, and other issues that could jam the lines. Observing your hose pipe connections and fixtures is also necessary to ensure your AC unit works correctly, including loose or leaking lines.

Cleaning Out the Air Filters

The air filters are an integral part of your AC system because it prevents dust, pollen, and other elements from affecting the air circulation and causing health issues. It comes in a rectangular form and is inserted into the central ductwork, right next to the fan of your AC.

It’s highly recommended to clean out your filters regularly or replace them when necessary. It’s best to change the air filters every month, especially if you use your AC unit regularly throughout the year. The presence of pets at home, having respiratory problems, and a dusty home can all serve as reasons to change your air filters consistently.


Maintaining your air conditioner by following the guide above can help prolong your unit’s lifespan and keep you comfortable for the years to come. As long as you clean the outdoor condenser unit, check the drain lines, and manage your air filters accordingly, you can expect your AC unit to function well and keep you and your family cool as needed.

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