Our Guide to Maintaining Adequate Air Supply in Your Home

Just like the rest of your household appliances, your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system need regular maintenance and inspection. Otherwise, a whole host of problems could crop up, including low airflow. Not only will this make your indoor climate feel uncomfortable and stuffy, but it can also put a large dent in your wallet.

Experts agree that it is necessary to replace air filters every month. Otherwise, if your air filters bend or wrap after using it for thirty days, you risk overworking your HVAC system. Forgetting to replace your air filter will cause particles like dust and hair to slide right past the filter, which will defeat the filter’s purpose.

Here’s what you need to know about maintaining adequate air supply in your home:

The Types of Air Filters

There are two types of air filters your HVAC system may use: standard and media. Standard filters ensure that your system and ductwork are kept clean. However, it doesn’t have unique properties to improve indoor air quality. These filters are usually an inch thick.

Meanwhile, the media filter is between the central return duct and the blower cabinet. It works to remove dust and particles efficiently up to seven times the standard filter capacity. If you upgrade your filter to a pleated media filter, it will eliminate dust, pet hair, or even airborne viruses. Ensure that you select a filter that is a perfect fit for your blower’s capacity for optimal efficiency and filtration.

Replacing an Air Filter

Filters are usually located in ceilings or walls along the ductwork’s path. This path returns air to the airconditioning unit, so you’ll want to look for a removable metal cover in the ceiling or a wall near this area.

Here’s how to replace an air filter:

  1. Lift the metal cover to reveal the filter.
  2. Take the old filter out and measure it.
  3. Purchase a replacement filter with the same dimensions as the previous one.
  4. Install the new filter according to the manual. If there are none, look for an arrow on the filter’s side. This indicator tells you where the airflow is supposed to course through the filter. Put the filter in place according to this arrow.
  5. Reinstall the metal cover.
  6. Clean the vent from dust bunnies with a slightly damp cloth or a vacuum.
  7. Throw the old filter away correctly.
  8. Repeat once every month.

If your air conditioner is window or wall-mounted, here are the steps:

  1. Turn the air conditioner off.
  2. Remove the cover from the air conditioner’s front. You may have to pop it off or unscrew it.
  3. Remove the filter from the air conditioner. Just like the cover, you may have to push it out or unscrew it.
  4. Clean the filter by vacuuming the dust off it and by rinsing it with soapy water.
  5. Dry the filter completely.
  6. Put the filter back into the air conditioner.
  7. Reinstall the front cover.
  8. Wipe the unit’s front of any dirt or dust.

Why Regularly Replacing It Is Important

Even if you have good airflow, conditioned air circulating the coils is likely the same air but isn’t pushed through the ductwork. Once it reaches the room, it probably won’t be the temperature you expected it to be. Additionally, if there is a steady amount of dust particles in the air, they’ll likely block airflow and damage your unit.

By regularly replacing your filter, you’ll ensure a better quality of air supply in your home. It will help you keep dust out while increasing airflow, which will prevent particles and substances from falling onto surfaces.


Replacing your disposable air filter just takes a few minutes. It’s necessary to ensure that your HVAC system works well while maintaining a comfortable air supply in your home. With a regular air filter replacement, you’ll enjoy an adequately maintained home and a well-functioning HVAC system.

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